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Domestic Energy


Domestic Energy

How green is your home? Many people are unaware of the benefits that green domestic energy can provide for them. At BGreenn, we’re here to change that. Our range of services are tailored to helping you make the most of renewable energy for your home.

Our team are committed to helping you understand with full transparency how green energy solutions can benefit you. We’ll talk through each service in clear detail, allowing you to make informed decisions that make your home more efficient and save you money in the long-term.

Cheaper, cleaner, greener energy is just a step away. Read on to discover the renewable energy services we can provide for you.

a large "T" shaped set of solar panels installed on one side of a roof. Domestic Energy

We specialise in the design, supply, maintenance and installation of domestic renewable energy solutions.


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Gareth Dancer

Darwen, Lancashire

“Overall, I was pleased with the company and the work that they did. Why do I say this? I was looking to save money on my energy bills so, after a lot of research online, I spoke to 4 different companies in the region. I chose BGreenn for their honesty and the detail they gave me. After a visit from their sales manager, who spent time explaining the pros and cons of installing solar PV linked to batteries, I decided they were the company I felt comfortable with, as I was fully informed on what I could achieve from a house facing south/east.

Not only was I pleased with the work outside, but they also did a neat job in my loft, as you can see from the photo. Like all things in life there were a few hiccups, which were quickly dealt with by BGreenn. Being a paramedic for 15 years, you realise there is no point in getting upset as long as the problem or issue is dealt with quickly and efficiently. I have no hesitation in recommending BGreenn to anyone thinking about installing solar panels on their home.”

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Ralph Cooper

Blackburn, Lancashire

“I was so pleased that I selected BGreenn to install my solar PV system. I did detailed research online and spoke to 5 companies before deciding to go with BGreenn.

The simple reason was that I obtained an honest assessment, without the hard sell the other companies were adopting. I received good communication from the administrative team throughout the installation process, and my wife even invited the install team in for refreshments, as they were polite and extremely tidy people.

I made the decision to add 4 x 2Kw batteries to the system, which were delayed due to supply issues – but again I was kept informed what was going on through the complete process, which is all you want from a company. A neat job, successfully completed and I even have all the certification information I need in my customer ‘hand-over’ pack.”

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Shabana Ahmed

Blackburn, Lancashire

“My husband and I selected BGreenn to carry out the work, after speaking to a number of companies in the region. Although at first we were concerned about the cost, we are already finding the investment paying off, as I can see from the app on my phone, that I am achieving 60% solar energy, in February alone, without the sun. It is true to say, we did have some small issues early on with the battery pack continually beeping but has soon as I informed BGreenn, it was dealt with immediately by the engineer.

I was pleased we went for a 10Kw battery set, as it containing more storage and I haven’t had to use my electric so much. Finally, my husband is a builder, so of course he wanted to make sure the installation of the panels on the roof was to his satisfaction – he had no complaints. Communications were brilliant, so we were kept fully informed all the time about progress of the job.”

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Jean Johnson

Blackburn, Lancashire

“My next door neighbours were installing solar panels, so I enquired who the company was. They informed me of BGreenn and how pleased they had been with the service and fitters.

I told my son who lives nearby, and he did research on BGreenn – along with a number of other companies. My son and I chose BGreenn, after the sales manager visited and gave an extremely comprehensive overview of my home and what was required in order for the system to be most effective.

The installers were tidy, friendly and efficient. That is all you require from tradesmen, I believe”.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any grants available?

Solar PV (Electricity) is an industry that stands on its own, and is very unlikely to get universal funding.

There was a Feed in Tariff (FIT) that ended in April 2019.

There have been some small amounts of funding historically from Local Councils for low-income households, through eco schemes.

Solar Thermal (Hot Water) has had funding in the past, as without it the returns are not sufficient to cover the outlay.

Air Source Heat Pump has a £5000 grant to pay towards the cost of ASHP (Ave cost £12500 – £17500).

How much money will I save on my household energy bills?

Solar PV on its own will reduce your bills by 40-60% dependent on your usage and the number of panels we can fit on your roof.


Solar PV with batteries 70-90%.


Note – there are many variables that come in to play, such as the habits of the household, number of people and usage of main appliances.

Are there any payment options to buy?

We do offer 0% finance for 75% of the cost with a small admin fee.

How do you use the system?

Solar PV is an overlay system on top of your energy meter and will work without any day-to-day checking.


From a day-to-day usage, it does not affect you in any way, it is a fit and forget system.


Regarding other Technologies, such as Solar thermal, ASHP, there is some maintenance every few years.  


We include a monitoring system as part of our service that will allow you to monitor the performance of the system and alert if there are any issues.

How accurate are the savings forecast?

We are an MCS Accredited installer, with many years of experience, and our core team members have been in the industry since 2008.


We use industry standards such as SAP calculations to determine the generation of units.

Will the solar panels work in the winter months?

Solar PV is based on daylight so yes it will.


Note you would generate less during the winter months compared to the summer months.


December & Jan are the lowest performing months.

What warranty do I get with the installation and equipment?

2 years workmanship warranty is offered with all our installation and our works are covered through recognised institutions such as HIES.

Manufacturing warranties vary from 5-10 years dependent on the manufacturers.

Solar PV warranty is normally 25-year performance warranty and 12-15 or 25 years manufacturer’s warranty

What happens if BGreenn are not around in 5 years’ time – what happens to the warranties?

Your first point of call would be Bgreenn.


We only use Tier 1 products, so all our manufacturers have insurance backed warranties.


If Bgreenn are not around, you would need to contact the manufacturer.

What is 'Feed In' tariff (FIT)?

The Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) scheme was designed by government to promote the uptake of renewable and low-carbon electricity generation. Introduced on 1 April 2010, the scheme requires participating licensed electricity suppliers to make payments on electricity generated and exported by accredited installations. The scheme’s legal framework is contained in the Feed-in Tariffs Order 2012 (as amended) and the Standard Conditions of Electricity Supply License.


Who’s the scheme for?

Anyone who had installed an eligible installation that uses one of the following technology types could apply for accreditation:


  • Solar photovoltaic
  • (solar PV)
  • Wind
  • Micro combined heat and power (Micro CHP)
  • Hydro
    Anaerobic digestion (AD)
  • Installations could have a capacity of up to 5MW, Megawatts (or 2kW Kilowatts for Micro CHP).


Since February 2016, the number of new installations that could be accredited under the scheme each ‘tariff period’ (for most technology types, every three months) was capped. 


How does the scheme work?

There are two types of participant on the FIT scheme:


  • FIT generators – the owners of accredited installations
  • FIT licensees – licensed electricity suppliers who registered applications and make FIT payments for the electricity produced by accredited installations.


FIT generators register with their choice of FIT licensee, from whom they receive payments at least quarterly for the electricity their accredited installations generate and export. These payments are based on meter readings that FIT generators submit to their FIT licensee. FIT generators receive support for between 10 and 25 years depending on technology type, capacity, when their installation was commissioned, and whether it was previously accredited under the Renewables Obligation scheme.


The costs of the scheme are then spread across all licensed electricity suppliers in Great Britain through the ‘levelisation’ process, based on their share of the electricity supply market.


Ofgem role


Administration of the FIT scheme is split between Ofgem and the FIT Licensees. Much of the day-to-day administration of the scheme is handled by the FIT Licensees, including:


  • Making FIT payments
  • Taking and verifying meter readings
  • Handling complaints
  • Updating generator details


The aspects of the scheme which Ofgem administer include:


  • Running the Central FIT Register and the Renewables & CHP Register – the databases of all accredited installations
  • Publishing reports & data
  • Processing ROO-FIT applications
    Managing fuelling & sustainability requirements for AD installations.
  • Running the levelisation process
  • Ensuring suppliers comply with the FIT scheme requirements.
  • The FIT scheme policy and tariff rates are set by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

How long will an install take?

Solar PV installation can take 1-2 days for domestic, dependent on the number of panels.


We normally give a 2–4-week installation time for non DNO installation.


DNO (Distribution Network Operator) application can take up to 45 working days from when the DNO accepts the form.

What is the process of installation of the system?

1.    Site Visit

2.    Tech Survey

3.    Scaffold Erection

4.    Install

5.    Scaffold Removal

6.    Handover

I have a lot of family members who use a lot of hot water. I have heard a PV Divertor can help?

Yes, it would, you would need a immersion tank. Most tanks for homes with a system boiler will have 2 inputs, Gas, and Immersion (Electric).

Can I go off grid?

In theory yes, but we mainly suggest a grid connected system. Off grid is suitable in some cases, and area dependent.

I am having an extension erected in the future. Can I add more panels to an existing system?

This happens often and we can assist in redesigning your system.

Install pre-April 2019 Feed-in-tariff (FIT) is not possible to add panels as it affects the government feeding in tariff payments.

April 2019 onwards you can extend your system, within electrical and building regulations.

I am on a ‘Feed In’ (FIT) tariff and I want to add more panels to my system. Is that possible?

NO – you have a fixed tariff for 20-25 years for your agreed system size.

I have underfloor heating. Can Solar PV help with that?

Not directly as it’s a different technology.


Indirectly you can use Infrared heating or electrical sourced heating.

How does Solar PV help with my electric car charger?

This is a household behaviour related question, and with many variables, such as the size of the system, size of the car battery capacity and so on. You also need to think about if you are considering installing batteries.

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