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Commercial EV Charging

BGreenn can install efficient charging stations for electric vehicles at your business site.

Commercial EV CHARGING

What is Commercial EV Charging?

Domestic EV Charging

EV Charging for the Workplace

That is why more than 80% of Electric Vehicle owners have a home EV charging station installed.

But with the ban on the sale of new ICE models from 2030, the importance of accessible EV charging is rapidly rising

Of Electric Vehicle owners have a home charging station installed

Your employees will soon be in dire need of publicly accessible EV charging points. 

On top of that, you can actually open your EV charging points to the public, and generate some passive revenue on the side.

Don’t let your business fall behind – support your workforce and the planet by accommodating electric vehicles with our efficient charging stations.

BGreenn are EV charge point installer specialists.

We offer products from leading manufacturers in the EV industry, including Project EV, Wallbox, Easee and Myenergi Zappi. With our range of brands and products, you can be certain we will provide you with the perfect charger for your vehicle.

A Myenergi Zappi Commercial EV charging point


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Frequently Asked Questions

What warranty do I get with the installation and equipment?

2 Years workmanship warranty is offered with all our installation and our works are overed through recognised institutions such as HIES.


Manufacturing warranties vary from 5-10 years dependent on the manufacturers.

Can EV charging stations be used in extreme weather conditions?

Yes, most EV charging stations are designed to operate in extreme weather conditions, including high and low temperatures, rain, and snow.

How many types of EV charging are there?

There are technically 4 different “levels” of EV charging, based on their speeds.


DC fast charging, also known as Level 3 charging, is the fastest type of EV charging. It can charge an EV to 80% in as little as 20-30 minutes.


Level 1 charging is the slowest and uses a household outlet, while Level 2 charging delivers between 10-60 miles of range per hour of charging and is commonly found in public charging stations.


DC fast charging and Level 2 charging are the most common types of EV charging.


Level 4  EV charging deliver over 1 MW of power to charge large battery packs, however these are not commercially available.