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Net Zero Energy Result for Lancashire Couple

Solar Panel Installation in Lancashire

Mr R

Darwen, Lancashire

“We were not surprised at the NET ZERO result, when my wife and I noticed that our monthly energy costs were being covered completely”, said Mr R, from Darwen, Lancashire.

“We live in a bungalow, so admittedly its quicker to get pay-back, particularly as we selected the larger 405-watt solar panel over the standard 380-watt panel, creating more output. This meant we only needed 10 panels instead of 11, and as they were positioned facing South and South East, the result was as we expected. We had been informed this would be the case by the BGreenn Sales Manager.”

When asked why they chose BGreenn, Mr R. commented; –

“We looked at a number of companies online but decided we wanted a local firm, who would probably come back if there were any issues. I’m glad we did, as we have been completely satisfied with how the install was conducted in every way, from the erection of the scaffolding to receiving
our handover pack. The whole process only took a day and a half without any mess or inconvenience”.