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Domestic Battery Storage

We can provide convenient battery storage solutions to your home.


what is domestic battery Storage?

If you add batteries to your solar PV system you can save up to 60% – 90% on your electricity bill

An example of how a domestic battery storage solution would look inside your home

Why Domestic battery storage is important

Powering your home is an important task that needs to be handled effectively and reliably. Domestic Battery storage allows renewable energy to be saved for later uses, meaning you can dynamically use less energy, save money, and feel safe in the knowledge you have a reserve at all times.

As green energy is increasingly replacing fossil fuels, the importance and demand for domestic battery storage are increasing. Our team can provide honest and transparent information tailored to your home situation.

Domestic Powerpacks

Energy-efficient homes require the ability to store energy generated by wind, solar and other technologies.

We are thrilled to be able to provide, install and maintain a range of cutting-edge battery systems designed for efficiency and longevity.

Powerpack is compatible with a wide range of applications that provide commercial consumers and energy providers with greater control, efficiency and dependability.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What warranty do I get with the installation and equipment?

2 years workmanship warranty is offered with all of our installations and our works are overed through recognised institutions such as HIES.

Manufacturing warranties vary from 5-10 years dependent on the manufacturers.

Solar PV warranty is normally 25-year performance warranty and 12-15 or 25 years manufacturer’s warranty.