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Domestic Solar Panels

We can supply and install solar panels as an effective renewable energy solution to your home.


Why Install Domestic Solar Panels?

You can achieve electricity bill savings from 30% to 60%. 

an 8x2 set of domestic solar panels fitted on one side of a roof

Why choose BGreenn for your solar solutions?

  • We have worked in all sectors

    We have worked with businesses in all sectors including agricultural, industrial, public sector, private sector as well as with Solar farm investment and Solar roofs and Solar car parks.

  • High-quality, professional experts

    In order to build our solar solutions, we use high-quality materials, professionally trained delivery teams, and expert technicians. We are MCS registered, which ensures that all our installations meet the highest industry standards.

  • Extensive solar panel technology

    We have extensive experience installing commercial and domestic Solar panels, as well as knowledge of Solar farms and Solar panel technology.

Why Install domestic Solar PV?

The benefits of installing Domestic Solar Panels are:

The cost of producing Solar Panels is falling and as technology advances, each Solar photovoltaic cell generates more and more Solar electricity during the day. This is why Solar works so well: it allows you to reduce your energy costs and reliance on fossil fuels.

There are several Government Grants and Schemes available for Domestic Solar Panels installation and use

Offsetting the cost of your Solar energy system

Solar photovoltaic cells convert the light of the sun into usable green energy. BGreenn Domestic Solar Panel systems are efficient renewable energy solutions that can provide an impressive return on investment for your home.

Construction worker holding up an image of a solar panel


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use the system?

Solar PV is an overlay system on top of your energy meter and will work without any day-to-day checking.


From a day-to-day usage, it does not affect you in any way, it is a fit and forget system.


Regarding other technologies, such as Solar thermal and ASHP, there is some maintenance every few years.  


We include a monitoring system as part of our service that will allow you to monitor the performance of the system and alert if there are any issues.

Will the solar panels work in the winter months?

Solar PV is based on daylight so yes it will


Note you would generate less during the winter months compared to the summer months.


December & Jan are the lowest performing months.

What warranty do I get with the installation and equipment?

2 Years workmanship warranty is offered with all our installation and our works are overed through recognised institutions such as HIES.


Manufacturing warranties vary from 5-10 years dependent on the manufacturers.


Solar PV warranty is normally 25-year performance warranty and 12-15 or 25 Years manufacturer’s warranty.

How long will an install take?

Solar PV installation can take 1-2 days for domestic, dependent on the number of panels.


We normally give a 2–4-week installation time for non DNO installation.


DNO (Distribution Network Operator) application can take up to 45 working days from when the DNO accepts the form.

What is the process of installation of the system?

1.    Site Visit (Sales Team)

2.    Tech Survey (Ops Team)

3.    Scaffold

4.    Install a) Team 1 Roof, b) Electrics. 

5.    Scaffold Removed

6.    Handover

I am having an extension erected in the future. Can I add more panels to an existing system?

This happens often and we can assist in redesigning your system.


Install pre-April 2019 (Feeding-in-tariff) is not possible to add panels as it affects the government feeding in tariff payments.


April 2019 onwards you can extend your system, within electrical and building regulations.

I am on a 'Feeding In' tariff and I want to add more panels to my system. Is that possible?

NO – you have a fixed tariff for 20-25 years for your agreed system size.

I have underfloor heating. Can Solar PV help with that?

Not directly as it’s a different technology.


Indirectly you can use Infrared heating or electrical sourced heating.