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BGreenn Solar PV Training Academy – Coming Soon

Solar Panel Installation Training

BGreenn have recognised that there is lack of skilled tradesman in the renewable energy sector and will be addressing this void by opening a specialised training academy in Blackburn early in 2023, for candidates wanting to become proficient in solar PV installation work.

On-site training will include both classroom and practical ‘hands-on’ experience, working on an actual roof at the training centre. The purpose will be for the client to achieve Level 3 Certification, providing them with the knowledge to be successful in this fast-growing energy industry.

Courses will appeal to those persons wanting to: –

BGreenn will bring to the table ….

  1. The premises
  2. The classrooms
  3. The practical workshop

BGreenn would price the courses to cover your costs as well as ours, as well as promoting and marketing the courses. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us today to learn more.

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