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What is EV?

EV Charging is the most convenient way for an Electric Vehicle owner to charge up their EV. That is why more than 80% of Electric Vehicle owners have a home charging station installed.

Worldwide, transport emissions account for a quarter of CO2 emissions. With Electric Vehicles on the rise, this will greatly affect these emissions in a healthy way. As more drivers move to Electric Vehicles, the more environmentally safe our roads can become.

We are committed to making the world a greener place. That is why we are driving forward along with the EV revolution.

Home Charging

BGREENN are EV charge point installer specialists. We offer products from leading manufacturers in the EV industry, including Project EV, Wallbox, Easee and Myenergi Zappi. With our range of brands and products, you can be certain we will provide you with the perfect charger for your vehicle.

Most properties in the UK are single-phase supply, meaning that they can support ‘Fast charging’ of up to 7.4KW.

Properties with three-phase supplies can support up to 22KW ‘Fast charging’.

The average Electric Vehicle battery capacity is 61.2KWh (200 miles):

A 7.4KW charger can fully charge this from zero to full in 8 hours.

A 22KW charger can fully charge this from zero to full in just under 3 hours.

  • One of our friendly staff will visit your property to conduct a pre-installation survey.
  • Agreement of terms from both sides.
  • Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging unit. (Approx. 4 hours).
  • We complete OLEV grant form and send off to DVLA on your behalf.

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